The History of

Hans’ Kitchens & Baths

The best way to describe Hans’ Kitchens & Baths is to present you with a brief history of our organization. Hans Fichtler, C.K.D., founded Hans’ Kitchens & Baths in 1948. He was dedicated to creating a company that provided quality craftsmanship and making a name for himself in the community where he planned on raising his family. Through the years his family has carried on his dedication to provide the community with high quality services & products. Glenn Corrigan, President, and Don Fichtler, Vice President at Hans’ Kitchens & Baths had the opportunity to learn from the best. Each possess at least 30 years experience. They both started at the bottom of the ladder, as helpers in their father’s shop. And have achieved success over the years, after proven dedication and hard work. Not many in business nowadays have had the advantage of gaining knowledge from hands on experience. With this many years in the business, we at Hans’ Kitchens & Baths are able to provide you with uncompromising value.