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How Can Remodeling Your Kitchen Increase Your Home Value?

Think back to the first time you bought a home - You walk through the front door and take your first look around. Your realtor guides you through the den, down the hallway, and into the focal point of any home: The kitchen. Do you remember your first impressions? Thoughts of "Boy, those appliances are really outdated," and "The cabinets don't match the backsplash at all."

These are common mantras of many home buyers when they step into a house they are examining for the very first time, with dollar signs flashing across their face wondering how much it would cost to update the kitchen. This no doubt impacts their decision to even put in an offer on the home. If they do put in an offer, they may ask well below what you've listed the home for or ask for credits upon closing to offset the cost of an immediate remodel. This makes performing routine updates to your kitchen crucial to maintaining or even increasing your home's value over time.

Think like a Buyer

What would you want to see when you walk into a home? Chances are you don't want mismatched cabinets or a worn our linoleum floor. When you start in on a kitchen renovation, upgrades such as a clean tile floor or even a durable floating floor that gives the room extra appeal or elegance widens a potential buyer's eyes. A fresh coat of paint with a possible accent wall in lieu of dated wallpaper gives a cleaner look and a homier feel. It all comes down to what is appealing to the modern consumer rather than hedging your bet on receiving a reasonable offer with a more dated style.

Where's the Utility?

More important than aesthetics is the utility of the kitchen. What can they do in the kitchen and how can it serve them for decades to come? An island in a more open kitchen with limited counter space offers more storage and utility options. New appliances like dishwashers, sink fixtures, and an oven gives potential buyers assurance that these critical features will last them a long time without the need to replace them. With all the pots, pans, plates, and storage containers the average homeowner has or needs, the requirement to deliver ample storage options is critical. The more utility you provide, the more valuable your kitchen becomes.

According to HGTV, kitchen and bathroom remodels offer the highest return on investment over the long run, with some remodels delivering close to a 50% increase in the cost of work put into the project. By staying up to date with modern trends and styles, as well as offering aesthetically pleasing fixtures, floors, lighting, and more, you'll be sure to maintain or increase your home's value for years to come so if you're ever ready to sell, you can receive the most return on your investment. After all, while we always think of our house as a home, they are also one of the biggest investments we make in our lives. Protect your investment with a fresh upgrade with Han's Kitchen and Baths.

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