Why Now is the Best Time To Renovate

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The seller’s market nationwide has charged back post-pandemic with doubled strength, but what can you do to stand out from the crowd and get your house sold faster and for more value?


While prices are inflated, there are some kitchen remodels that have become standard these days and will take your already high asking price beyond asking price. The kitchen is the heart of the home for most families and in a single family home or apartment, kitchens will have buyers scrambling to outbid their competitors, raising your profits. Even a simple cosmetic update such as changing those composite countertops to granite, wood, cement, quartz, or even marble becomes affordable.

renovated kitchen


Bathroom renovations can be a bit of a wildcard. Piping, water pressure, and flow can make a renovation more expensive than expected. An addition of a tub or a shower if you’re redoing the bathroom layout will be more expensive than simple bathroom floor tile. If you do intend on keeping all the structural makeup intact, however, there are a few changes that go a long way. New updated faucets and sinks, a new stain on existing cabinetry and the addition of new cabinetry for a towel and supplies closet, new countertops, and even new lighting. From classic to modern your options are endless when it comes to design styles.