Why Fall and Winter Are The Best Times to Remodel!

Spice up your kitchen, bathroom, and other indoor spaces for the holidays! Most people think that spring and summer are the ideal seasons for renovation, but here’s why fall and winter are the actual best time to remodel! Call Hans’ Kitchen & Bath today for our availability and off-season remodeling plans!

Fall and winter are usually slower for contractors, meaning that there's a better chance of you getting a great deal on your kitchen or bathroom renovation! Off season also means pre-winter holiday sales and cheaper materials with lower demand!
Before college kids come home for winter break and while children are still in grade school, there's a better chance of fewer people being home. This allows contractors to get the project done uninterrupted
Warm, humid weather can be bad for materials and with the need for open doors and windows during a renovation, you'd be spending a small fortune just keeping the AC running! During fall and winter, weather permitting, you'll save on money and our contractors will thank you!