2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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As the decade came to an end, so did some of the more popular trends that, let’s be honest, needed to end. A slew of never functional kitchen “upgrades” were regrettably plastered across American kitchens for the better part of 10 years. Fortunately, the onset of minimalism in design is bringing forth a ton of new and useful trends that will hopefully undo some of the more tragic kitchen design flaws. The decor-conscious homeowner, now, has a myriad of options at their fingertips moving into a new decade of design! Here are a few of the latest design trends for the upcoming year!

● Replace Your Faux Finishes – Today, minimalism is the king of interior design. Get rid of those tacky, overly complicated finishes to go for a more traditional and homey look.

● Metal Is In, But Brass Is Out – An inexpensive way to increase the aesthetic of your kitchen is to simply swap out that outdated brass hardware, and upgrade to a more attractive metallic tone.

● Replace Tile Countertops – Tile countertops have had their time. As creative and eye catching as tile counters can be, they are on the way out. Installing a granite, marble, or concrete countertop can be much more beneficial for cooking and the overall look of your kitchen.

● Larger Back Splash Tiles / Slabs – Ceiling height backsplashes provide a more congruent look to your kitchen walls, and don’t need routine grout maintenance. Grout lines in kitchens collect everything from grease to crumbs, and need to be cleaned often to keep their pristine look. Save yourself extra work and use a large, solid-piece backsplash.

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