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Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, there's always one thing every kitchen seems to lack: space. From storing pots and pans to having enough room for chopping veggies or rolling out cookie dough, it always appears as though there's never enough space to do everything you want in your kitchen. That's why we're giving you some of our favorite modern kitchen space saving hacks, tips and remodeling ideas that are sure to give you more room in the heart of your home.

Upgrade Your Island

Kitchen islands are great for maximizing counter space and adding some extra storage, especially if your current kitchen has limited cabinetry. To further increase storage space, try incorporating your kitchen appliances such as your oven or dishwasher into the island itself. Kitchen islands only add so much storage space, so adding a drawer on one side means the other side serves little to no purpose. By using this space to house appliances, you can add larger storage features around the perimeter of your kitchen, increasing the amount of usable space you can take advantage of.

Install a Kitchen Cabinet Rollout

Have you ever nearly injured yourself stretching to dig out a bag of rice in the back of your cabinet? Do you need a step ladder every time you need to grab the olive oil on the top shelf of your cupboard? If your kitchen features basic cabinetry, chances are you've run into these inconveniences and more, more than once. That's why you need to install a cabinet rollout. These useful rollout drawers easily hide into existing cabinets, allowing you to maximize existing space to store your food while giving you direct access to every crevice of your cabinet so you can reach what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Hang it Up

Storage space shouldn't be limited to just the inside of your kitchen cabinetry. Try adding hanging storage features to your kitchen to not only make your space more efficient but to add a splash of personality as well. Tools like pot and pan holders, a hanging wine glass or coffee mug rack, paper towel holders and more are perfect to increase utility while saving space. Not only that, but it allows you to grab or store more commonly used items such as glassware or cooking utilities in your kitchen with ease.

Ensuring your kitchen has enough storage space for your needs is important. These simple storage tips, tricks, and renovation ideas will allow you to store more and stay organized. Learn how Hans' Kitchens and Baths can help you incorporate these kitchen space saving features and more today!

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