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The Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2019

Cultures change, fads disappear, and trends come and go. What you may think was acceptable in 2018 will be old news in 2019.

Like so many others, you dream about finally gutting that ancient artifact you call the upstairs bathroom but just can't seem to get around to it. There are just not enough hours in the day.

We say, with some preparation and planning, bathroom renovation doesn't have to be made difficult. The time has come to put an end to that old-you procrastination and to start turning your renovation dreams into realities.

To guide you along your bathroom renovation journey, here are some ways bathrooms will be changing in 2019.

"Woodn't" You Know It?

Believe it or not, wood is becoming increasingly relevant in the ever-changing landscape of bathroom scenery. The material adds a warm, neutral tone that's inviting and relaxing. You won't see bathtubs or showers made of wood, but don't be surprised if you run into a wooden vanity, counter, or even a hardwood floor.

Welcome to Your "Water Space."

The concept of a "water space," or wet room, is exploding in popularity. Instead of having a bathtub that functions as both tub and shower, the bathtub is separate from the shower and both are enclosed behind a glass wall. Separate faucet and drainage systems are installed for each. The purpose is to separate the bathtub and shower from the rest of the bathroom while making the entire space look larger than it actually is. It's innovative, unique, attention-grabbing, and, most importantly, trendy for 2019.

They're Getting Bigger.

In keeping with the previous suggestion, bathrooms, in general, are increasing in size. This is to provide more space for rest and relaxation as well as for multiple users if there are many people living in the same house. You don't have to begin tearing down the walls to expand it; instead, try looking for ways to clear clutter and consolidate over-used spaces.

Tiling Versus Terrazo

Bathroom tiling is nothing new. One of the ways you can upgrade your bathroom overnight is by altering the tiling with new colors and patterns. But another way is to replace the tiling in your bathroom completely with Terrazo, a composite material made from quartz and marble that almost looks Italian. You'll see Terrazo used in shower floors, backsplashes, counter-tops, and other surfaces in the bathrooms of 2019.

"Toilet Technology"

Okay, toilets themselves aren't changing much, but the technology that surrounds them is. Think about the last time you rented a hotel room. Were the bathrooms fancy, lit with LED lights and littered with heated towel racks? If they were, that's the direction of bathroom renovation that you should be following. You don't need to empty your wallet to accomplish this; rather, look for simpler ways to upgrade your bathroom technology, like with basic lighting upgrades and a sleek new showerhead.

Still don't know where to start? Give Han's Kitchens and Baths a call and we'll make sure your 2019 renovation project leaves you nothing but satisfied.

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